About us

     We care about bread. It is our life and passion. We are Polish bread bakers here in Ireland so let us take care of you.

     Our idea was to bring the real taste of Polish bread to Ireland. Polish bread has a unique taste, texture and flavour and we now bring our famous breads to Ireland. We source our premium natural ingredients directly from Poland each week in specialised vehicles to ensure you can enjoy this unique taste and freshness daily here in Ireland.

     Our bakers are highly skilled professionals with over 60 years bread baking and training experience gained throughout Poland and Europe. Our breads are made by hand using only superior natural Polish ingredients and techniques handed down from generation to generation of the finest Polish bread bakers.

     Our unique sourdough is alive and gives our bread an unparalleled taste, texture and smell which ensure you enjoy excellent Polish bread here in Ireland. Our bread is baked in the traditional Polish way by hand, using specially selected ingredients in our ovens which were specifically designed to ensure our bread was baked in the traditional award winning Polish way.

     Our Bakery while operating in the traditional way meets and indeed exceeds all health and safety regulations and HACCP standards.

     In our opinion we are the only one truly natural Polish Bakery in Ireland. Some competitors breads might stay soft and looks fresh for longer than our natural breads, but it's only because of harmful additives which our company refuses to use. We care about your bread and your health more than others.